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MUNICIPALITY OF MAPUN, Province of Tawi-Tawi, Philippines

The People of Mapun

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The People of Mapun
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Here are some pictures of the people of Mapun.


Above: Three young Mapun boys taking a nice rest on a banca at Manda Island, Mapun
Below: The Jama Mapun congregates in their colorful traditional garbs during Mapun Day.



Above: A Lady Jama Mapun weaves a "tamu," a woven pouch for cooking rice.
Below: People from Barangay Lubbak Parang prepares to parade the streets of Mapun in celebration of Mapun Day, the municipal's founding day.



Above: Mapun locals enjoy an afternoon conversation.
Below: Local Officials headed by Mayor Nickerson L. Tan, together with Governor Sadikul Sahali, pose as they celebrate the municipal's founding day.



The children of Central School of Mapun looks curious as a helicopter of the Philippine Air Force lands on their campus grounds.

G O M A P U N !